Busyness and Collabs

 Hey all, 

It has been a while and I apologise for that. Eight weeks and counting left for my time here in Montreal! School is starting to wrap up with many different recordings and projects at the moment. 

I have also been working on quite a few projects with some fellow musicians. A few remixes, a vocal feature and some arrranging. I've been working with another RAC'er Joey Langlois on piano and organ parts as well as string arrangements for his upcoming album. It's been a blast and a nice change from working on my own music. But don't worry, I have still been working on new songs of my own! I'll try to get something up soon.
Lastly, once my adventure here in Montreal has ended I'll be moving back to Ottawa and putting back together a group that I worked with a few years ago called In Full Colour...but with a new direction and form of output! For those of you who know what I'm talking about... SSHHH!! Anyways, there will be more on that in the fall!

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  • Jordan


    Woooooo! In Full Colour!!! :)

    Woooooo! In Full Colour!!! smile

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